DC9723 October 2017 Meeting

DC9723 October 2017 Meeting

When: 24 of October, 2017 from 19:00 to 22:00
Where: SafeBreach Offices in Tel-Aviv (Yosef Karo 18, 4th floor, Tel Aviv.) NOTICE DIFFERENT LOCATION!

“Review of the Ukraine cyber attack 2015” – Guy Barnhart-Magen SLIDES
 “Tales from the Dark Side” – Dor Tumarkin SLIDES
"NATO war games, updating crypto vulns in IDs, and other stuff" - Hillar Aarelaid

As always, the talks are free and there is no need to register. Come and bring your friends.

*We need more talks, please consider submitting a talk for the next DC9723 meeting. For more details and questions, please contact cfp@dc9723.org

Review of the Ukraine cyber attack 2015 – Guy Barnhart-Magen
The cyber-attack on the Ukraine power grid was unique in that it was public, and not that it happened.
In this talk, I will discuss some unique characteristics of the attack, its structure, and the possible ramifications.
As this attack was attributed as a “cyber” act of war, the interest in the techniques and the methodology used is considerable.

Tales from the Dark Side – Dor Tumarkin
Information Security is a battle fought on many varied fronts.
Join Dor, a researcher and former consultant, as he shares stories of his team’s astounding victories against the feeble forces of good in “Tales from the Dark Side”.

NATO war games, updating crypto vulns in IDs, and other stuff – Hillar Aarelaid

Hillar is visiting from abroad. He has a lot to share with us. This is last minute so we don’t have a full abstract, but he will speak about planning security around online elections, patching physical IDs for SHA256, and running war games for NATO