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Hebrew - עברית

Welcome to DC9723 DefCon Group!

About the group

The Israeli DefCon group is a group designed to serve as a place for discussion for the growing community of people involved in information security in Israel.

We meet on the third Tuesday of the month in a central Tel Aviv location, and have talks and activities.

The meetings are open and free, and we try to include content that caters for both beginners as well as more advanced.

If you are a Hacker / Security practitioner / Just want to expand your horizons, you're welcome to join us!

You are also welcome to see our links page to send us your links.

Next meeting

Tuesday, June 17th at Checkpoint Offices in Tel-Aviv (HaSolelim 5 St, Tel Aviv.)

18:30 - Gathering
19:00 - Opening
19:15 - 8086 Vs 8086: The digital survivor competition - Elad Shapira


We are always in need of more help. Stuff we currently could use help with you can find at the Projects page.

Our mailing list


Our mailing list is running at this page and you can subscribe to it at this page.

To post a message on this list, you must register and then send the message to the address


The mailing list archives are available at:

Contact us

If you have ideas, suggestions, requests, complaints or compliments, please email us at:

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